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Carnegie Ventures was named in the spirit of the legendary Andrew Carnegie - the visionary, pioneering entrepreneur and philanthropist who was instrumental in shaping the USA in its industrial era.

Carnegie as her idol, CV became the holding company for Lisa La Bonte's angel investments and impact enterprises that have empowered stakeholders and improved economic landscapes.

Capital acquisition (strategic money) introductions: CV's principal has a proven ten year track record (1995-2005) during which time clients seeking seed financing, venture capital, or private equity largely across technology and commercial real estate sectors secured over $225,000,000 (nearly 1/4 billion dollars). CV has re-engaged in finder's fee based fundraising and now works with select clientele seeking business development (sales), seed and VC.

Business Development:
CV arms multi-nationals, emerging SMEs, and high potential entrepreneurs with high

impact and legitimate, targeted contacts -- high profile lead generation and key introductions and partnerships at

the highest levels while setting in motion reputational success, viable pricing models, and tightening up of sales

cycle expectations to spur market receptivity, fuel sales and long term revenue growth.  

International markets advisory: Proven strategic and tactical plans that set the stage for successful

execution and operations. CV is expert in navigating international business landscapes thereby reducing
the risk of a client's new and emerging market investments through business roadmaps and market launch
strategies that include coaching business leaders as to cultural norms and protocol to ease and improve market
acceptance, build networks, leverage effective marketing models and deliver impact for the bottom line.

For high potential companies seeking to raise investment and/or increase revenues, contact us: lisa at carnegieventures . com