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Lisa is a global entrepreneur and consultant with a penchant for tech and venture finance who creates strategic business frameworks, launches new endeavors, turns around/fixes or expands existing enterprises internationally. Lisa's worked with royals, foreign government entities, sovereign wealth funds, HNWIs/family offices, and VIPs as well as with emerging and mature client businesses (and the occasional highly functional start-up) to delivers fundraising and business development successes.

Lisa has served as an advisor to a half dozen Fortune 50 MNCs as well as 100+ start-ups and as funding advisor to numerous start-up business incubators - one, as 'fundraiser in residence'. Lisa holds an MBA in International Business and an MS in Internet Strategy and Technology Management.

    Implementation Track-record:  Based on Lisa's success in building venture infrastructure in Asia Pacific, Lisa was hired at the Managing Dir. level at Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) as the Launch CEO of the Dubai Government (DIC)'s Arab Business Angels Network (ABAN). Lisa developed the strategic framework for ABAN, the region's first Angel investor's network spanning 18 Arabic speaking nations and lead the coaching and culmination of MENA's first multi-million$ entrepreneur business plan competition and its corresponding pitch/ reality TV show, "The Arab Business Challenge" airing on Al Arabiya. Under tight deadline of six (6) months, with much VVIP fanfare ABAN launched in 2006.